Just How Detailed Is This book?

Longtime fans of the series know their stuff. They know the history, the games and the features. So, what’s in this book that goes beyond that? Oh so very much. (takes a deep breath).

Pachislot, PocketStation, the Zeebo, GameTap, NESiCAxLive, Tiger Electronics, all the Zero Gaiden drama CDs, all 9 mobile ports of Street Fighter IV, bootlegs, demos & taikenban, Street Fighter Zero 2 Wide and full differences between EX and EX Plus, Zero 2 Alpha and Alpha 2 Gold. All three games based on the movies based on the games. Ken Sei Mogura, Slotter Up Core, Ryu’s Tile Breaking, Maximum Blow, Rapid Battle, Street Fighter Pocket HD, Street Fighter Duel and BOTH Street Fighter: Battle Combination releases. Vega, Final Vega, True Vega, Vega II. Censored items, regional differences and cheat codes for every single entry.

Oh, also biographies on all 105 fighters and 115 NPC characters and cameos. Info on every piece of arcade hardware the series appeared on and a full listing of developers and publishers. Comics, manga, artbooks, soundtracks, films and OVAs. VHS, LaserDisc, DVD and Blu-rays. Eight pages of related games & collected releases. A full gallery of logos and select screens from all main entries.

And that’s on top of everything you already know. Trust me: this is by far the most comprehensive coverage of the franchise ever put together. On sale soon!!!

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