Where To Purchase

Street Fighter Compendium: A Definitive History is on sale now in both physical and digital form! The former arrives in a handsome 8.5″ x 11″ (~A4 size), 253-page monstrosity, complete with a striking cover designed by none other than Rusty Shackles. The digital version is a PDF document which contains all the same information and with all the countless images and screenshots.

What Is This Book?

Street Fighter Compendium: A Definitive History is a massive book that covers the entire Street Fighter series of games. This unofficial publication tells the history of all seven sub-series and has information about every version of every game: from the million-selling to the rare and obscure. It also chronicles soundtracks, films & animations, promotional releases, books & comics and everything in between.

Available in both physical form through Amazon and on PDF form, this is the most comprehensive coverage of the Street Fighter ever written!

Where Can I Buy It?

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For digital aficionados, a PDF version of Street Fighter Compendium is also on sale at Sellfy! There it sits alongside my huge 215-page Tony Hawk’s Gaming Domination! Why not buy both?!