Game List

Do we really need an entire book on Alpha, Alpha 2 and Alpha 3? How much could there possibly be to cover?

I’m glad you asked.

Between 1995 and 2018, the Zero / Alpha series landed on 23 different platforms. This includes six systems by both Sony and Nintendo. There were four mobile games as well as three titles on different arcade hardware. Just to get a picture of what to expect, here’s a full release listing from the last page of the book. Remember – every single entry listed below is covered in the book. You should get it!

Title Platform Date
SFZ / SFA Arcade Jun-95
Sony Playstation Dec-95
Sega Saturn Jan-96
CPS Changer * Mar-96
Windows PC Mar-98
Nintendo Game Boy Color Mar-00
Mobile Phone ** Early 2004
Mobile Phone *** Early 2006
Sony Playstation 3 † Aug-08
Sony PSP † Aug-08
Sony PS Vita † Aug-08
Windows Phone Dec-09
BlackBerry Dec-09
Mobile Phone Dec-09
SFZ2 / SFA2 Arcade Feb-96
Sony Playstation Aug-96
Sega Saturn Sep-96
Nintendo Super Famicom/SNES Dec-96
Windows PC Mar-98
Mobile Phone †† 2006
Sony Playstation 3 † Jun-09
Sony PSP † Jun-09
Sony PS Vita † Jun-09
Nintendo Wii ††† Dec-09
Nintendo Wii U ††† May-14
New Nintendo 3DS ††† Jul-16
SFZ2A Arcade Aug-96
Sega Saturn § Sep-97
Sony Playstation § Oct-97
Sony Playstation §§ Nov-98
Sega Saturn §§ Nov-98
Sony Playstation 3 † * Dec-14
Sony PSP † * Dec-14
Sony PS Vita † * Dec-14
SFZ3 / SFA3 Arcade (CPS2) Jun-98
Sony Playstation Dec-98
Sega Dreamcast §§§ Jul-99
Sega Saturn * Aug-99
Arcade (Naomi) * # Jan-01
Sega Dreamcast ## Feb-01
Nintendo Game Boy Advance # Sep-02
Sony PSP ### Jan-06
Sony Playstation 3 † Oct-11
Sony PSP † Oct-11
Sony PS Vita † Oct-11
SFZFG/SFAA Sony Playstation 2 ‡ May-06
SF30th Sony Playstation 4 ‡‡ May-18
Microsoft Xbox One ‡‡ May-18
Nintendo Switch ‡‡ May-18
Windows PC ‡‡ May-18

* Japan Only
** Released as Street Fighter Alpha: Maximum Blow (US Only)
*** Released as Street Fighter Alpha: Rapid Battle (US Only)

† PSN Re-release of PS1 title (SFZ2 not in Japan)
†† Released as Street Fighter Zero 2 Wide (Japan Only)
††† Nintendo Virtual Console re-release
§ Part of Street Fighter Collection
§§ Released as Street Fighter Zero 2’ (Japan Only)
§§§ Released as SFZ3: Saikyo Ryu Dojo/SFA3 Ryu Dojo

# Released as Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper/Alpha 3 Upper
## Released as SFZ3: Saikyo Ryu Dojo For Matching Service
### Released as Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper/Alpha 3 Max

‡ Released as SFZ: Fighter’s Generation / SF Alpha Anthology
‡‡ Released as SF 30th Anniversary (International)