Street Fighter Compendium: A Definitive History – Coming Soon!

Coming in early March 2020, Street Fighter Compendium: A Definitive History is a massive tome covering the entire series.
After many months of toiling, the final product is near. With over 250 pages and thousands of images, screenshots and sprites, this is the most comprehensive coverage of the Street Fighter series ever put together.

The book, which will be available in both paperback and PDF form, has sections dedicated to every installment of every title. That includes all five SF main series, the Zero/Alpha games as well as the oft-neglected Street Fighter EX entries. Related items like soundtracks, books, videos & animation, related games are also included as well as nearly 40 pages of supplemental materials.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some samples, the full cover art (which is spectacular), I’ll be doing a video flipthrough and of course, will make it all available for purchase. Until then, here’s the logo. More coming soon!

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